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Education & Awards

2011 - Present

MA/PG Diploma/PG Certificate – Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Chester University – UK


First prize from AUF-BMO for the poster titled « Rapid and simple method for direct determination of several adulterants in herbal dietary supplements sold on the Lebanese market using a simple GC-MS method »


First prize from the SFE (Société Française d’Ethnopharmacologie – France) for the PhD thesis « Contribution to the ethnopharmacology of Lebanon and to the Lebanese Lamiaceae »

2004 - 2008

PhD in Health and Life Science Law and Health University – Lille II – France – Department of Botany Specialty: Drug science (Pharmacy) Discipline: Bio-molecules, pharmacology, therapeutics Grade: summa cum laude Title: Contribution to the ethnopharmacology of Lebanon and to the Lebanese Lamiaceae

2004 - 2008

PhD in Management Science Paul Cezanne University – Aix Marseille III – France – Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences Grade: magna cum laude Title: Green management: strategies, new accountancies norms and marketing ethics


D.U.E.C – University Diploma in Applied Ethnobotany; medicinal plants and traditional pharmacopoeias under the supervision of the French Society of Ethnopharmacology Thesis title: Medicinal plants of Lebanon


Professional training in Landscape reading (Landscape and Biodiversity) National Institute of Horticulture – Angers – France

2002 - 2003

DEA – "Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies" in Agricultural Sciences and Biological Engineering FUSAGx University of Agronomical Sciences – Zoology Department Gembloux – Belgium Grade: With Distinction Discipline: Entomology (insects and biological agriculture) Thesis Title: Selection of grains by three species of Sitophilus spp. (Coleoptera : Curculionidae). – Impact of grain type and host nature

1996 - 2002

Bachelor of Engineering in Agronomical Engineering Holy Spirit University, Kaslik – Lebanon Grade: Excellent Thesis Title: Ethnobotanical, ethnopharmacological, morpho-anatomical, histochemical and chemical contribution to the study of Lebanese medicinal plants

1993 - 1996

French Baccalaureate Collège des Frères Maristes – Jbeil