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Data Analysis Services

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A team of experts to assist you in the interpretation of your data in order to extract as much as possible of pertinent information.

Our vision:
    Nowadays, following recent technological progress in all the fields of sciences, ever more complex data is being produced, requiring advanced mathematical and statistical tools in order to extract hidden information. In this context, our aim is to spread the use of chemometrics in all fields of sciences, at academic and industrial levels, enabling thus both communities to make the most of their data.

Our targets:

1.     Academics: university researchers (Professors, Ph.D., master and engineer students) and research centers.

2.     Industrials: food, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc. industries.

3.     NGOs, EU and UN organizations (UNDP, WHO/FAO, USAID, etc.).


Our services: 

1.     Optimization and process control 

_       Optimization of existing or new industrial processes using experimental design methodology, in order to improve a product or to study the conception of a new formulation.

_       Minimization of the number of required experiments for a better cost reduction and time management.

_       Study of the effects and/or interactions between specific parameters or variables.

_       Development, optimization and validation of on-line and off-line analytical methods to control the whole production line, starting from raw materials till the final product: comparison and classification of different batches, rejection of any non-compliant batch, comparison of products to standards, etc.

_       Prevention and/or interpretation of any process shifts using methods of process monitoring.

_       Collecting all evaluations done on raw materials or final products (physico-chemical analysis, sensorial, microbiological, etc.) in order to reach a pertinent assessment, allowing to accept or reject a batch.


2.     Exploratory analysis: data mining

_       Extraction of useful information from big data sets.

_       Identification and removal of outlier samples or measurements.

_       Samples classification and interpretation of reasons behind highlighted differences.


3.     Preparation of results for scientific publication

_       Generation of figures fulfilling all requirements for scientific publications.

_       Assistance for a proper interpretation and discussion of results.

_       Assistance in correcting scientific publications.


                                                                                Chief strategy officer, Prof. Naïm Ouaini


Data analyst/Expert in chemometrics, Dr. Amine Kassouf                                                                                       Agri-Food Engineer, Rebecca El Kareh