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Biodiversity is the variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, biome, or for the entire Earth. Biodiversity is often used as a measure of the health of biological systems. The biodiversity found on Earth today consists of many millions of distinct biological species, which is the product of nearly 3.5 billion years of evolution. "Biological diversity" or "biodiversity" can have many interpretations and it is most commonly used to replace the more clearly defined and long established terms, species diversity and species richness. Biologists most often define biodiversity as the "totality of genes, species, and ecosystems of a region". An advantage of this definition is that it seems to describe most circumstances and present a unified view of the traditional three levels at which biological variety has been identified: Genetic diversity, Species diversity and Ecosystem diversity. Protecting the biodiversity was always my priority. I have had the chance to serve in many different biodiversity projects in different regions in the world mainly, Lebanon, Emirates and Qatar. In this section, you can find descriptions and pictures of some of the biodiversity related projects which I was part of.